Anti-Cheat Toolkit  2023.2.6
Multi-purpose anti-cheat solution for Unity Engine
IObscuredType Interface Reference

Inherited by ObscuredBigInteger, ObscuredBool, ObscuredByte, ObscuredChar, ObscuredDateTime, ObscuredDecimal, ObscuredDouble, ObscuredFloat, ObscuredInt, ObscuredLong, ObscuredQuaternion, ObscuredSByte, ObscuredShort, ObscuredString, ObscuredUInt, ObscuredULong, ObscuredUShort, ObscuredVector2, ObscuredVector2Int, ObscuredVector3, and ObscuredVector3Int.

Public Member Functions

void RandomizeCryptoKey ()

Detailed Description

Base interface for all obscured types.

Member Function Documentation

◆ RandomizeCryptoKey()

void RandomizeCryptoKey ( )

Allows to change current crypto key to the new random value and re-encrypt variable using it. Use it for extra protection against 'unknown value' search. Just call it sometimes when your variable doesn't change to fool the cheater.

Implemented in ObscuredVector3Int, ObscuredVector3, ObscuredVector2Int, ObscuredVector2, ObscuredUShort, ObscuredULong, ObscuredUInt, ObscuredString, ObscuredShort, ObscuredSByte, ObscuredQuaternion, ObscuredLong, ObscuredInt, ObscuredFloat, ObscuredDouble, ObscuredDecimal, ObscuredDateTime, ObscuredChar, ObscuredByte, ObscuredBool, and ObscuredBigInteger.