Anti-Cheat Toolkit  2023.2.6
Multi-purpose anti-cheat solution for Unity Engine
IObscuredFileSettings Interface Reference

Inherited by ObscuredFileSettings.


ObscuredFileLocation LocationKind [get]
EncryptionSettings EncryptionSettings [get]
DeviceLockSettings DeviceLockSettings [get]
bool ValidateDataIntegrity [get]
bool AutoSave [get]

Detailed Description

Specific settings to use with ObscuredFile instance.

Property Documentation

◆ LocationKind

ObscuredFileLocation LocationKind

Controls file location. Read more at ObscuredFileLocation docs.

◆ EncryptionSettings

Controls file encryption settings. Read more at EncryptionSettings docs.

◆ DeviceLockSettings

Controls DeviceLock feature settings. Read more at DeviceLockSettings docs.

◆ ValidateDataIntegrity

bool ValidateDataIntegrity

Controls anti-tampering setting.

When enabled, data integrity is validated and invokes NotGenuineDataDetected event on violation.
Disable to skip integrity validation entirely and improve performance.

◆ AutoSave

bool AutoSave

Switches Auto Save feature.

Auto Save feature allows making sure any unsaved data will persist when your app quits (on desktops) or loses the focus (on mobiles). It's enabled by default and this is the recommended setting, but you're free to turn it off at your own risk.