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Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACTk) was created to help you protect your Unity applications and games from cheaters & hackers (not from all obviously – skilled and well-motivated person can hack anything).

ACTk will save you a lot of development effort hours and bring handcrafted years of anti-cheat expertise and experience.
Serves both as an out-of-the-box solution and as a powerful tool in a professional hand if you wish to go further and build the own ACTk-based solution.

Feel free to check out live WebGL Demo (best view in latest Chrome and Firefox)!

Common features

Protects variables in memory.
Protects and extends Player Prefs and binary files.
Generates build code signature for tampering checks.
Detects or allows detecting:
• non Play Store installations on Android
• speedhacks and wallhacks
• time cheating
• managed assemblies injections
Has Obscured Prefs / Player Prefs editor.

Read further to find out more about each feature.

Obscured types ▶ tutorial

Keeps your sensitive variables away from all memory scanners and searchers (Cheat Engine, Game Guardian and such).
All basic and few Unity-specific types are covered.
Detects cheating attempts.

Obscured Prefs & Obscured File

Protects Player Prefs and binary files from common cheating threats:
• identify and read sensitive data (encryption)
• tamper sensitive data (genuine check)
• share cheated files \ saves with more cheaters (device or user ID lock)

Obscured Prefs ▶ tutorial

This tool is going to help you secure all sensitive data you save to the PlayerPrefs. All you need to do to leverage its power – just replace regular PlayerPrefs with ObscuredPrefs in your code where you save sensitive data.

• automatic data migration
• automatic crypto keys management
• simple generic API and more data types compared to vanilla Player Prefs
• Player Prefs and Obscured Prefs editor window

Prefs Editor:
View, find, edit, create, delete and encrypt \ decrypt PlayerPrefs and ObscuredPrefs in one window.
Great for prefs debugging during development.
Works on Win, Mac and Linux.
Has paging and processing progress bar for huge prefs collections.

Obscured File & Obscured File Prefs ▶ tutorial

This tool helps save sensitive data to the binary files to keep it safe from cheaters. Use either ObscuredFile instances to save and load byte arrays or static ObscuredFilePrefs class with generic APIs to save and load different data types in PlayerPrefs-alike manner.

• background threads-friendly (to avoid IO hiccups)
• simple and easy to use Player Prefs-alike API wrapper

Code Hash Generator

Generates a code hash signature (both in Editor and Runtime) to compare against the current hash and make sure compiled code was not altered.
Provides hashes for both whole build and separate files in build (helpful for aab Android App Bundles).
Uses background threads to calculate hashes, keeping CPU footprint low.
For Windows Standalone and Android only so far.

Android App Installation Source Validator

Makes you aware from what source your game was installed, be it Google Play, Galaxy Store, manual installation via Package Installer or something else.

Android Screen Recording prevention

Allows easily enable or disable screenshot and screen recording prevention for most non-rooted Android-based operating systems.

Speed Hack Detector ▶ tutorial

Makes you aware of nasty cheaters trying to slow down or speed up your game.
Correctly reacts to the time glitches.
Allows to resist speed hacks with SpeedHackProofTime class.

Time Cheating Detector

Uses Internet connection to get reliable time.
Reacts to both incorrect system time and actual cheating during or between sessions, allowing you to catch people who change time to speedup long-term processes (like building process, energy restore, etc).
Works with weak internet connection.

WallHack Detector ▶ tutorial

Covers 3 common wall hack types:
• shoot through the walls
• walk through the walls
• look through the walls

Uses generic sandbox approach allowing to detect unknown cheats.

Injection Detector ▶ tutorial

Reacts on foreign managed Mono assemblies, both injected at runtime or into the build on PC and Android.

Third-party plugins

• actions for Opsive’s Behavior Designer
• actions for PlayMaker (except obscured types due to PM limitations)
• works great with Simple IAP System to process & validate IAPs online with Receipt Validation service
• works great with Cross-Platform Native Plugins to save into the cloud, setup leaderboards and more
• used in Lovatto Studio MFPS Anti-Cheat And Reporting addon
• used in Stan’s Android Native asset
Complement your setup to resist reverse-engineering threat:
• Obfuscate names with Obfuscator
• Protect IL2CPP build with Mfuscator


Supports Unity 2019.4 LTS and newer with new .NET scripting version, but most features will work fine on 2018.4 as well.
Works on all actual platforms including IL2CPP builds with few limitations and exceptions:

• Windows Standalone and Android are supported by Code Hash Generator at this moment. Will cover more platforms in future updates.
• Injection Detector supports Mono builds only since IL2CPP can’t have managed injections.


• Readme.pdf User Manual (included into the package) with samples, additional details and helpful pro-tips

Overall highlights

Easy to start:

• detailed User Manual with examples and tips
• examples scene
• video tutorials

Easy to extend:
• full API Reference
• full C# sources included! 🔥
• explore, learn, extend and build a fully customized anti-cheat solution for your games!

Support and updates since 2013 💌
A skilled and motivated cheater can break any protection, and thus it’s not guaranteed your game will be 100% safe from all cheaters if you’ll use this toolkit. Though, massive “casual” cheating can be eliminated for good.

Where to go from here

Like it? Hate it? Leave a review at the Asset Store to help others to make a good choice.

Need support, have any questions, suggestions or any other feedback?
Here are options for you:

• chat online at the Code Stage Discord server
• get in touch over email
• communicate on forums

Check out at Asset Store or get cheaper as part of the Tools Bundle!

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P.S.: I wish to say special thanks to Daniele Giardini for great logos and all priceless feedback he provided about ACTk!
Daniele creates amazing tools, like DOTween tweening engine or DemiLib “Swiss knife” library, and you definitely should check out Goscurry – one of his super fun, creative and addictive games!