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Maintainer is a Unity3D Editor extension with powerful 3-in-1 featureset:

  • Issues Finder: find issues and problems in project and fix some of them
  • References Finder: find references to any assets in whole project
  • Project Cleaner: find and clean garbage in project

Each feature is packed into the separate module, read about each module below.

Issues Finder

This module allows to find different issues within your Unity3D project, like missing scripts, unused components, and many more (see list below). Some of such issues may be fixed automatically one-by-one or in batch.

Supported issues list

Learn more from the Issues Finder overview video

References Finder

This module allows to find assets references in scenes, prefabs, settings, in whole project!
It’s really easy to get started: just click one button or call one menu item or press one hotkey or just drag and drop desired assets on the tab to scan them.
First scan caches data for the blazingly fast subsequent searches.
Navigate through the whole dependency tree of any asset, jump to the references, search, filter, sort columns.

Learn more from the References Finder overview video

Project Cleaner

This module allows to find different garbage, unused stuff in your project and clean it up with few clicks.
Among regular garbage search and delete, this module also has optional auto cleanup of the empty folders on scripts reload (you may like this is you use VCS which do no sync folders e.g. GIT).

Learn more from the Project Cleaner overview video

Common highlights:

  • flexible filtering & ignores options
  • easy and comfortable results navigation
  • extra care for the corner cases
  • public API to integrate into your pipeline
  • some modules have results export to share with your teammates (example)

Other things to note:

  • Supports both dark and bright skins
  • Full C# sources included
  • Works everywhere where Unity works (even on Linux)
  • Works fine with .NET 4.6 and Assembly Definitions
  • Intuitive and easy to use, no additional knowledge required

Please, consider reading Online Documentation or included Readme.pdf to get started.

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